Non-Druid World of Warcraft

Tawyn & Tux 

Here you will see a some pictrues of a WoW character I made for one of my sisters.
In these pictures, you can see Tawyn (a night elf hunter), Tux ( The owl perched on her head), and her axe, Legacy, in her PvE gear. Under her tabard and cape, are 5 pompoms.

This is just to give you a taste of how long it takes to make just one WoW character...
 It took me 4 hours to make Tawyn, 1 hour to make Tux, and about 5 more hours to make her axe, Legacy (And I didn't give it a back mostly because I thought it would take to long)....  So, in total it took 10 hours to make this..Oh! and did I mention her owl is made out of real chicken feathers I got from my own chickens?

Sentaigrehsk & Void Walker

In these following pictures you can see Sentaigrehsk (Human Warlock, also Tawyn's boy friend) and his Void Walker (The blue blob next to him). I thought about giving his Void Walker 4 fingers like the real thing, but I ran out of room so I settled for 3. He also has 5 pompoms under his armor.
He took about 4 hours to make.

Black Wind Serpent

AKA Deviate Dreadfang (19 Elite, Wailing Caverns) OR Soulflayer (61 Elite, Zul'Gurub),   But most know him as Eltanin, one of Tawyn's pets.