Pom Poms

The most important thing in pom pom creature creation is lots and lots of pom poms!!  Every kind there is!!  I have big ones, small ones, sparkley ones, tie-die, natural, spotted, the more the better!!


Get incredibly skinny, fuzzy, sparkley, hairy (literally hairy), and regular, of all colors you'll ever need, EVER!

Hot Glue Gun

The second most important thing ever!  Unless you want to wait hours and hours for stuff to dry and then just fall off later.  DO NOT TOUCH HOT PART!  To tell how hot it is touch the part next to the hot part.  You know the part next to the handle thing.

Short, sturdy, (glass) cup

(if the glue gun doesn't come with a stand) The cup is really important 'cause you don't want your hot glue gun sitting on the table warming up and eventually burning your house down.  The cup also comes in handy if you're like me and like to put your gluesticks in there and your scissors.

Old Newspaper

The newspaper is important 'cause you do not want your glue dripping down on, like, everything.


Scissors are important for cutting stuff, obviously, like pipe cleaners which is what I use them for, and I also use my scissors to press down on hot stuff.

Ice Water

If you're smart, unlike me, you'll have ice water (just in case you burn yourself), which I never have!


You want feathers of all kinds for, like, when you do birds and stuff, but you've gotta be careful 'cause some of the feathers poke through the bag and then explode and you have to spend forever cleaning it up, and some of them will get ink on your hands and you'll make everything blue, so be careful!

Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are important for when you want your pom pom things to have eyes!! Colored googly eyes are fun too.


Felt is good for anything you need felt for!  Like wings!!  Or capes!!

Glitter Glue

Glitter glue is good for sparkley stuff that you need on your pom poms 'cause it stays forever, unfortunately it takes forever to dry! QQ