Here I will add some pictures of my latest project,
World of Warcraft: All Druid Warsong Gulch
; In this project of mine I will make all druids for both Alliance and Horde, and hopefully, I will get my sisters to help me make the bases, grave yards, and everything else Warsong has to offer! It's going to be huge so it might take a while.

Never played WoW? No problem! The point is to show the world how to make adorable pom-poms, so you don't really need to know, but if you are interested in finding out more about World of Warcraft, go to this website, and it will tell you everything you need to know! ;)    (Under Construction)

All Druids! (Finished, but outdated)

*These are just what spec and level they were at the time, the druids may have changed after these pictures were taken.
I am also still looking for some druids, so if you see a druid without a name, I still need a druid for that Pom-pom. Other then that, the druids are done, please be patient.*

Elldrian, Nightelf Moonkin (me)

Tauren Moonkin

Korutaru, Nightelf Bear (Right) and Tauren Bear (left)

Tauren Cat (left) Nightelf Cat (Right)

Raidboss, Tauren Tree of Life(left)&Tamaryn, Nightelf Tree of Life (Right)

Tauren Cheetah (left)  Nightelf Cheetah (Right)

Tauren Sealion(Left) & Elldrid, Nightelf Sealion (Right, She Wanted to be one =P)

The Mounts
They will be given riders as soon as I can find some >.<

Nightelf Epic Flight Form
(With removable necklace!=D )

Tauren Epic Flight Form
(Also with removable necklace! )

Warsong Gulch Set
(I'm working on it)

Alliance on left & Horde on right for all pictures.

Bonus Balance Pictures!


Links: Aspect of the Hare  Tawyn  YouTube   WoW    Sentaigrehsk  Elldrian
Korutaru  Riadboss  Tamaryn  Elldrid